Balloon animal arm

Fireants! Why did it have to be fireants?? I thought they were cute little black ants on the front porch like the ones I grew up with in Virginia that we put out cute little ant traps for. Then…the stings began. 24 hours later my hand (left, thank goodness) looks like a blown up glove with 4 sting sites. Forearm swollen like a balloon animal with just 3. Wow. I got my spider kill spray and killed the heck out of them. No dogs were harmed in this action just the human and a whole lotta cute little black ants.
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One thought on “Balloon animal arm

  1. hello razl00 hay oh no fire ants!!! i am sorry yoo got stung up that sownds terribul!!! my sister saya wunse got bitten by sum kind of blak ant owt in the desert and she wuz hopping arownd holding her paw up in the air until she soakd it in water for a wile they ar nasty littel things for shoor!!! ok bye

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