Salt Mines

I put on a pillbox leather cap and a leather apron to cover my jeans-clad butt.

A tourist. Salt mines in Salzburg, Austria.

By the time I realized I was claustrophobic I was already underground. To return to the open air and sunlight I had to travel though the mines to the end of the tour.

Why wear the aprons backwards? because we traveled by SLIDE from level to level. A smooth piece of butt-wide wood, 45 degrees angle DOWN.

I strapped my mind into an eyes-forward-no-breathing-zone.

At the top of each slide a fear-mantra ground through my brain:

No choice
No choice
No choice

I had to go. Again. And again. To reach the light…

That claustrophic feeling…that breathless, heart-choking pain returns
everytime I must let one of my beagles go.

No choice No choice No choice

Good-bye, Bitey.  My heart.

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2 thoughts on “Salt Mines

  1. jillian

    Hello, I found your site googling kinavet and I am so so sorry for the loses of your beagles. How tragic, one after the other. Our bulldog is now on kinavet (3 weeks) and it has been working like a miracle, but we no there are guarantees. We too, have had many loses in 2011 and then in January we got the terrible diagnosis about our dogson. Sending you positive energy for a better 2012 with your beagles 🙂

    • Jillian,
      Thank you for your kind words. I rescue senior beagles and that comes with a price: fewer years together. River ( was on kinavet for 2 months before I stopped it (due to his total lack of energy). It may have been enough to keep him safe for a while. I hope that it keeps your bulldog safe for the rest of his hopefully long life!

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